I find it odd when people say “I am glad I had a childhood before technology took over.” Or ” Remember those days when everything was so much simpler and modest and then now we have so much extravagance in life.”

I just want to stop you right there. Yes, right there. Stop. Drop everything you have. Your phone, your wallet, your money your iPod and your fancy earphones. Everything. And just read this now.

Technology ALWAYS existed. If it wasn’t the wheel it was the fire. There was always a form of technology that existed in this world.

The world has never not had technology. It always was present. It only advanced. Life was never not simpler in the past.

Maybe the stone age guys are going. “Remember when we used to just eat the meat with our amazing fang-like teeth without the hassle of this fire business.” In whatever crooked language they spoke.

It has been so always. So you can’t complain or say “oh yes I’ve had a childhood much better than yours.”

Yes technology affects our childhood. But people affect our childhood way more than anything else. The kind of family we have and the kind of rules we are brought up with. Pick up a psychology textbook and read about prenatal and postnatal upbringing. That is what determines our amazing childhood. How intelligent would we be. How smart would we grow up to be. And how well equipped will we be with technology. 🙂

Otherwise technology does not determine how good or bad your childhood was. It is a secondary factor. And technology ALWAYS existed. I could not emphasise this more.

Thank you my lovelies. Hope you still having an amazeballs Sunday! 😀


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