The trauma

Bollywood’s utopian love is very beautiful. There is a reason why it is so mindless and senseless. It dials down the trauma love entails.

Hollywood on the other hand simply purifies the stories sometime and shows it as it is. But the trauma entailed by any love story is never as easy or flowery as its shown.

Its tasking. Its mentally and physically draining. It pulls you down so hard and shows you the extremities of life. You don’t just live life once. You live life a infinite times in this one long stretch. And the moment you realise your soul was always touched by someone else’s. And when you encounter this your emotions your reality and every cent of sanity you own will be dragged down and played with.

The universe is not messing with your head. It is showing how life is not short. It is not long. Life is life. You experience it all and in the end the only thing that will ever sustain you is willpower.

There is a reason why people choose suicide. It is not the easy way out they say. It is the only way out sometime. Because very much so living a life full of uncertainties is a lot more difficult than committing suicide. Slapping that smile on your face irrespective of what thoughts go into your head is much more courageous at the same time cowardly. It is very hard to explain why it is both.

But if there is one thing that I have learnt from the women in my life is that you have the choice of being strong. You have the choice of knowing the unknown and letting it touch you and affect you. But you also have the choice of knowing the unknown and yet not letting it overpower you. You can just sit on it and strengthen your muscles and every atom in your body.

Don’t build a shield. Build a human. Become a human. Otherwise you are not going to experience what you truly want. Also look up at the sky. See its vastness and be amazed by your timid insignificant existence.

But don’t look up for too long because there are manholes and potholes on your path that you may unexpectedly fall into. And when you fall into a ditch unexpectedly its way harder to crawl out because you were not paying attention to the path you were in. So you are not aware of the place you are at and you are now stuck in the darkness of the ditch.

Peace out my lovelies! Have a fascinating Sunday!


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