Post Dissertation F(ph)obia – PDF

Well, now I’m a Masters student. What does that mean? I’ve finally finished a degree in International Relations and the struggle has ended for education. Now, as the clichéd saying goes, its time to face the ‘real world’. And yes there is a real world. It does exist. So don’t give me that “what is this real world you speak of? Isn’t it just perception.” That’s not true. Real world is Real. That’s the only way I can put it for now.

Its not easy to be a student. But it sure is convenient because you are told what to do. The process of admission into an university is of course a task. But finding a job is another task. I will not get into the details about difficulties one faces when one is trying to pursue education. This post is strictly about the amount of pressure and the different emotions and encounters you experience in your PostDissertationF(ph)ase -PDF

Its been more than two weeks since I’ve submitted my dissertation and my future plans have been dancing around since then. There has been a number of costume changes and the songs are not from one single genre. Its enjoying the show and trying out different things in this final dress rehearsal.

Its daunting. Its difficult and its a hard hitting experience to feel absolutely clueless about your next step.
At the same time it is relieving and it feels like you’ve been released from one bond just to release you’re about to enter a new and a better more mature one with the world – earning money.

The few things one comes across during this F(ph)ase ( Pardon my fascination with replacing ph with F)

1. If you finished your education in another country there will always be this thrown at you almost everyday “Its difficult to get a job here. The visa is not a joke. What will you do if you don’t get one? What are you even applying for?”

2. If you did a course like mine which comes under humanities (Law is not humanities. Its still a professional course) then this is the most recurring dialogue. “What kind of job would you even get in your line? You sure you don’t want to do a PhD or an MBA right now maybe?”

3. Also I don’t have any job experience. One of my mistakes I suppose. “Nobody cares about your CV unless you don’t have a work experience.” And that’s actually true to a certain extent. There have been job applications that I’ve filled out with requires me to have experience before. These are Graduate Jobs.

4. You have your moments where you begin to realise maybe a neurosurgeon would have been a better option or something to do with marketing. There are literally no jobs for you. There are some in the journalist area maybe? But apart from that there isn’t really that much.

5. The deep feeling of demotivation is accompanied with endless hot chocolates with friends who are floating in the same boat and are discussing about how they want to retire. Yes, this is us who don’t even have a job yet but we plan our retirement well ahead.

6. The worst is when you wake up and you feel free. A little too free. You don’t even look at your laptop anymore. Because its filled with applications that you have sent or have to send. And you feel like you can’t handle rejection anymore. But maybe you don’t have to. Maybe you will find something. (This is me trying to be optimistic at this point)

7. Then there is too much discussion about “What is this life we live” “We humans never take a break and look around” … Honestly, I feel that’s all we do. We look around we look within we look everywhere. We find things we enjoy and we actually live quite happily. But we just overthink others situation by demeaning their ability to contemplate. Everyone contemplates as much as you do. You are not just the only one.

8. There is no sense of hurry or anything. You don’t even know what you’re going for anymore. So much emptiness.

But all this negative feelings will soon end and would be replaced by a job that will fulfill my desire to live longer, happier, healthier and wealthier life. But until then I would like to enjoy all these endless conversations with my friends on Skype and Facebook. Sit in my room doing almost nothing. Constantly napping. Binge eating. Baking cakes. Cooking. Cleaning. And being mundane. Cause sometime just sometime you have to be able to dial down your abnormality to absolute normalcy and resume to adulthood. Cause its calling. And you are invited to the VIP lounge of it. Because you are a graduate. You deserve to be in the VIP lounge.

So as we sit in this shabbily made waiting room with some adults snoring and living unhealthy lifestyles, some others being very professional on their gadgets and dressed well. Whereas you wear your sister’s hand me downs and leggings and sit with your phone plugged to the charger on the wall playing the music your friends make you listen to makes this wait even more interesting. This wait becomes worthwhile. Cause whatever is going to come to me as I exit this room is going to make me able to continue this adult life happily :). Until then readers I would be posting some random posts.

So bear with me my lovelies :-* Thank you. And do share your waiting room experiences if you have any. Real or Metaphorically 🙂


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