Goodbye Old Shoes

This title is not an analogy or anything. It is an actual farewell to my actual old shoes. A little description – I found these old pair on a sale at the Reebok store half priced which were brilliant cause they did not have shoe laces on them. Also, the were one of the most comfortable pair I ever owned.


Certain things stick on with you for longer than you expect them to. These shoes were pretty much a part of my ‘journey’ for longer than you’d expect a pair of shoes to be.

These hold so much memories and so many other kinds of days where I would just look at them and snap a picture cause they were fantastic looking on that day.

They were not rain proof. Water seeped right into them and through them. And by the end the sole kept ripping off. I got it stitched only once. They were quite sturdy for someone who puts a lot of pressure on her feet while walking. Shoes need to be like that. They need to hold your weight and hold the ground you stand on at the same time. These did a pretty good job at that. I’m marvelled at how long they lasted inspite of my super rough use.

These shoes mean the most to me and I cannot imagine now my life without them. But sometime you have to let go of your very old possessions in order to make space for new ones (don’t read deep into this statement please)

And that’s why here is me from now learning to give up on things once they are roughed up because hoarding clothes and other items is not healthy 🙂

Thank you my lovely readers!
Do share any of your hoarding habits as well 🙂


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