The Room


As I sit in this empty room which has bought me to an end to a wonderful year spent at University of Kent I would like to thank everyone who was a part of it. It was one of the most wonderful time of my life. 🙂 Its unforgettable but now it has come to an end. Such an emotional day has been blessed with warm kisses from the sun 🙂

The year during which this room was filled with different experiences and moments will never be forgotten. I would like to thank you Universe for letting me have such an amazing time ! A very memorable one. :’)

Its a beautiful day and its a beautiful end. I’ll miss you B1/B ! You’ll never be forgotten. I promise 🙂 I remember the excitement which I felt when I got here first. The fact that there was a huge pin board and a long one on my study table. So much space for my stuff space underneath the bed, above the wardrobe and everything. And I remember as I unpacked I began to sort my things out and away and everything fit so perfectly. The honour of having this room to myself making sure its clean every time. But having the occasional backlog in cleaning up in the later stages. Then catching up in the end. Spending winters next to the heater and those wars with the spiders and mosquitoes. Having people over and sometime leaving the room and coming back late after a party and being so grateful for this room.

This is too much emotion for a room that I had for a year. But it did mean a lot to me in a certain way. Because it was what I called home 🙂

Thank you everyone who shared these experiences with me. You guys would probably never read this blog post. But in my heart I've thanked you a million times and even that is less.

Thank you for reading the emotional blog post my lovelies :')


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