Why do we procrastinate?

I have been writing diaries instead of sincerely typing down a blog.  Few reasons for that change is
1. Writing manually feels more comfortable even though its a lot more effort than actually typing it down.
2. My handwriting has changed and grown beautifully. It has evolved and is evolving into something I love. So experiencing that each time I write a page is beautiful.
3. My diaries feel more pretty. And they also have pretty covers. Like the current one below looks like this.


But this blog is about why do we procrastinate. I have figured out the following reasons for this act of ours.

1. Forgetful nature: sometime our short term memory fails us so much that we forget our keys to forget an important task to do. This is understandable and natural. But there are ways to improve your short term memory as well.

2. The fear of getting the job done. This is a real actual fear. A very irrational one nevertheless. We fear that once the task is accomplished we would be left with nothing to do. And not having anything to do is not something everyone wants because that would mean hunting down new things to do. What we forget is the release of energies once we finish a task. Which is so healthy and so necessary.

3. Pure and sheer laziness : This arises from wanting things to conveniently fall on our lap as it has all our lives. This phase of laziness arrives as a buffer where we forget how much hard work we had put initially to achieve other tasks in the past.

4. Making sure we don’t invite change because that would involve efforts on our side to make sure how this new environment works. And sometime humans are stubborn enough to not get re adjusted.

5. Nobody wants to compromise on their current situation for a future which is, even though we know a much better version of this and a happier state, because we haven’t seen or experienced it. Therefore we don’t believe enough in its existence existence o let anything happen to our comfortable present.

6. The efforts also include, not just time, but monetary expenses. We hold money so dear to our hearts and that we refuse to compromise on it.

We wish to keep our pockets full but our hearts empty. In this bargain we give up on achieving our goals passionately and finishing of residual conversations and tasks which will fill our empty hearts up and buy us new pockets to store memories and not just monetary wealth.

Pardon me for a very technical debate on procrastination. I have been introspectively analysing my bad habit of procrastination. Therefore this was the outcome.

Take care folks. Have a lovely weekend.


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