There is beauty in heartbreaks

Once in a while we give a piece of ourselves to someone. Sometime we fall so deeply in love that we give ourselves entirely to another soul. And Once in a while love fails us. And then life stops for a millisecond.

You don’t realise how badly flawed and differently wired you are until and unless someone else sees it for you. And also sees it for themselves. But let me tell you this there is absolute beauty in heartbreak.

Life will go on and it will certainly go on beautifully. Your heart won’t stop beating neither would you stop breathing. But when in love you appreciate the beauty of sun and skies above and underneath you in heartbreak you wonder why the sun shines.

Heartbreak is such a negative terminology. We all do live in a world we create ourselves within ourselves. We don’t let go off our delusion until and unless something kicks us out of it. And once we are out, we leave. We leave forever not in turmoil and not to boil in anger. We leave forever for the good. The good of our soul.

It is true the more intimately you know someone the deeper you are aware of their flaws. And soulmates may not be therefore made in heaven to look or feel as picture perfect. They are made in heaven for us to feel growth and after a point for us to feel destruction. The destruction of ourselves. And as the fragments fall, don’t stop to pick them up and join them together at once. Let them rise up and fall back on you when it feels right.

Until and unless your heart desires something which is going to destroy you physically and emotionally you won’t be a complete human.

Don’t enjoy your heartbreak and don’t dwell in it. Live in it. Let it go and see how it passes by.

Life doesn’t have the same plans for everyone. But at the same time it does not have the worst planned for you even if you love to believe so. It has the best. Just maintain your calmness rid your anger and live.

Also if you wonder why the sun shines. It has always shined and will continue to do so. Your wondering or non wondering wouldn’t change that. 😛

Yet. Never ever tell yourself that you’ve had it all and don’t wish to have it anymore. If things were that easy to give up upon then the pyramids built, monuments made and achievements achieved wouldn’t have occurred in this universe.



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