Politics and Love

How differently does it happen on an international level we compared to a personal level.

In politics India and Pakistan are at constant war against each other. In real life I am sharing my room with a Pakistani friend and we are closer than any soul sisters have ever been. I am more closer to her than my Indian counterparts here. We literally coexist peacefully in the same room. And the countries for some reason can’t even share a border.

In politics USA and Pakistan have been at cross and the former is constantly bombarding the latter with drones of hatred. Here in real life an American is showering a Pakistani with nothing but love and its the most beautiful kind of love I have ever seen manifest in my day today. Yes, they share a bed. Yes, they share everything from interests, likes, dislikes to love.

I sadly have these two examples only currently. But once I find more I will make sure this theory proves your delusional hatred within politics wrong. 🙂

That’s all for now.

Shortest blog post. Need to build up more on this theory.


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