The Green Man Syndrome

This is a real problem faced by today’s modern humans. Let me explain.

Have you ever seen the go green signal for pedestrians while crossing. Well, there are the following types of reactions given by different people for the ‘Green man’ that dictates them when to go.

1. Those who wait patiently for him to appear at the cross road even when the cars are not in sight at the road.

2. Those who don’t follow the green man instead decide when its appropriate for them to go or not go.

3. Those who sometime follow the number 1 and sometime the number 2 cause they are either foreign or are just confused.

The problem today’s modern mans psyche is its growing to be more and more like the number 1.

We don’t anymore decide for ourselves. We instead let the green man dictate us.

Rules are necessary. They are important. But there needs to be a balance and one needs to know when to discard them and when to hold on to them. We don’t have to wait for him to appear almost always.

So the green man syndrome is when you are smirked at by pedestrians because you didn’t wait for the light to turn green before you crossed, Inspite of no cars arriving. It is the smirk or the heavy exhaling which is the symptom that those humans have been facing this syndrome.


But if we give in to this syndrome day after day we wouldn’t be able to give in to creative imagination. Creative imagination only arises from understanding when to give up the rule book and simply draw your own lines in whatsoever shape and determine when and how safely you cross the streets.

P.S. :- This is not against the traffic rules. I’m a big fan of them and I wish they are implemented more in other countries like India.

P.P.S. :- I also use the term ‘syndrome’ because of lack vocabulary.


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