Rohtak Sisters and My dear India

There are times when articles like these infuriate the life out of me. When the following video clearly shows how pathetically the people in the bus did not defend the women at all. Instead two tiny puny sized sisters had to standby themselves and fight for another woman, a pregnant woman, against these men who molested (harsh word isn’t it?) And eve teased them.

The following article was the first one I came across –

Most won’t read this article as it is not from a reliable website newswise.

Instead most would read the following article from a well known news agency called the FirstPost.

And this is my formal appeal to Indian News Media (the news media that dominates our television and news papers today and not the ones that are usually unheard)

Dear Media,

What you need is a reality check. You’re from INDIA there is NO Sherlock Holmes or Watson. We don’t have the privilege to sit and make an imaginary conversation between them to determine this case when the evidence is right in front of you.

Second of all the apathy amongst our Indian public has risen so much that instead of standing up and fighting for a case we have started to sit and determine its outcome by jotting down theories or by tweeting our own idea of the situation. We just don’t have the privilege of simply waiting anymore on these cases.

We are a third world country. Please, let’s face it. I, currently studying in a first world country, dread these following questions every day – “Why are women not safe in India?” , “Why do men act like animals in public in your country? How is that normal?” , “Do you go out at night?” .

Then comes the last statement that breaks my heart even more but gives me a strong reality check – “This would never happen in my country upto such an extent. We have so and so laws and people in our country would fight back”

Mind you these statements and comments don’t just come from my friends from the developed world. They also come from people who live in countries that do worse than us economically.

So the classic defending statement I used to give to myself was this – “It is be cause whatever happens in India is out in the open so everyone is aware. Doesn’t mean shit isn’t happening everywhere else.”

But you know what my fellow Indians and newsmakers? This kind of apathetic shit can only and only happen in India.

I did not want to take the side of women when I saw the tweets calling them attention seekers. Then I read the article and I realised all you media folks speak from an elitist point of you.

Ones who have probably never ventured in public transport in broad daylight and harassed to a mind numbing extent. If that’s not the case then you must be a Man.

There is no other explanation for you dissing the case so easily without giving it a second thought.

Yours but I wish wasn’t yours,

Infuriated and yet helpless indian

The next letter is to my fellow Indians,

My dear brown and all colour skinned Indians,

You know why Pakistan wins this match? Why Turkey is also a better country in treating its woman? Most of middle east in fact?

Its because the women there, even though more subjugated, feel safer in public than we do. The men over there don’t just sit and watch the tamasha (scene) happening on street side or in the bus.

They instead go and fight for them. Let them do whatever they want to with their laws and wives. They won’t let two young teens fight on their own trying to protect a third pregnant woman.

You think you have got it all figured out. You feel that if you don’t get involved life will go easy and you will be unharmed and happy. Cause involving yourself into any situation demands that you take a stand. Which the country can’t even do when it comes to its foreign policy, neither can it do when it comes to handling local incidents.

What do you expect then? Your country which is also my country will never progress. Take this as a curse if you want. Your apathy will destroy you with trauma and absolute absurdity. Your media will manipulate you day and night. You will not only seek refugee from nations you can’t imagine. They will diss you at their doorstep.

You should be absolutely ashamed at yourself. The majority of Indian population will sit at candle lights after a rape case is done and gone. But they won’t ever stand up for it while its happening in front of them. I am a part of this stupid mentality where I myself haven’t stood up when I should have.

Because the majority of us belong to middle class and middle aged category where our thoughts are conservative. We won’t except LGBT, we won’t accept equal rights for women and we won’t understand basic things like importance to humanity and fraternity.

Instead dear Indian you want a “well settled lifestyle” in the foreign or anywhere.

First settle your damn head right.

Women harassment exists. Stand up for it instead of sitting down and just letting it pass by. Have some self respect.

If you can’t even do that take an incentive from me. If you stand up for women in public and in private you will be awarded different awards by the state. Because that is kind of an Indian thing now. It invests in awards rather than making laws and police stronger. Rather than making the people more aware and empathetic.

As foolish and useless as you,

Sangita Venkatraman.


2 thoughts on “Rohtak Sisters and My dear India

  1. Sorry, Twitter brought me Here !! Ok, so do you know the population of India. Of course you know that ! This link shows, that India is much more safer than US,UK, Sweden, canada and many more countries.

    I have traveled to many parts of the world and I feel India is the only place, where Women Even today are respected the most. Now one of the reasons why you have become a self loathing Indian Hindu, is because of your ignorance. Your knowledge about International politics, world History, Indian History and the Present Global Scenario needs to be corrected.

    visit this site and save yourself. Else people like you, might turn into future Burka Dutt’s. Sorry If my words hurt you, but trust me I felt equally hurt after reading your Post.

    Peace !!

    • Dear Inder,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I would like to tell you I am not self loathing Hindu. Kindly do not put labels and get personal.

      You have shared a Wikipedia statistic about rapes being reported. If you must know most rape cases in India don’t even get reported. And even if they do, they don’t even come under the category of ‘rape’ due to the definition of rape being relatively different to that of other countries.

      And even if you have traveled extensively let me tell you a country does not really respect women if there are so many cases of harassment taking place on a daily basis. It is instead feigning respect under the banner of various other forms of positive discrimination.

      This is not a take against India or any Religion. I am very much Indian and part of this culture. I will still not refrain from criticizing my country when there is something wrong with it. And when I criticise I make sure I am also a part of this criticism. Because I genuinely feel that is what an honest citizen must do.

      Thank you for sharing the blogpost website.
      I will check it in time.
      Sorry that my blog deeply hurt you. Your comment didn’t.

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