Re: Re: why rape is a joke in India

Dear Mindful Rants guy,

First of all good job on the video AND disabling comments on the video. You’re such a sport! 🙂

Your video wasn’t all that bad. So let’s start with the positives. Your explanation on why women are called sluts and men studs was good. Commendable cause I gained some knowledge.

That still did not make your video a sensible one.

You spoke about the gunjan case. And said how it was a “woman” who complained and how she should be the one blamed. Now do you realise that in the video it was never about Men v/s Women. It was about a predominantly male dominating society where women are told to behave a certain particular way because of the threat they feel from the ‘minority’ male population. And the women who have actually succumbed to it and expect other women to succumb to it as well. Its not a gender war.

Minority – because you said “Its only a minority of them raping so not everyone should feel the brunt of it.” Of course not. Nobody is saying the whole male population is the same. The rant was only an attack on the minority with a wider audience.

Delhi is not ‘just’ rape capital but also false rape capital. What does that even justify?
Just because Delhi has false rape accusations that does not negate actual rape cases. These are two very different issues.

It is true. Other countries also have rapes. But this is not just about rape. Its even the name calling or the molesting, or eve teasing. All these fall on similar categories (not same) because they are still an act of crime.

India experiences the most rapes not because of its larger population of people. But simply because of its more population or rapists. The more possibility of a woman (even men) being cornered into a “planned rape.”

She did not attack men or women, she simply attacked the mindset where we women are looked upon as sexual objects and are expected to behave in certain unreasonable norms as compared to Indian men.

Yes, stay at home dads also have it worse. But that does not even come close to what stay at home moms go through in India. A country where some classes and cultures expect a woman to stay at home. Not by choice. But simply because there is wealth in abundance. There are women who haven’t gotten married yet, because in her community a woman is not allowed to work after marriage and she does not want to give up her career. It is considered unnecessary for her to have a job. Gender-roles are very clearly defined here and they are still followed.

When she said “look away from us” she meant stop checking us out. When you live and travel in India (as a woman), you come out on a public transport and there you go men already looking at you as if you are some kind of a meal. It is disgusting.

When I experienced someone staring at me and checking me out from top to bottom at a train station. (And this was in Mumbai, people in Villages have it worse) I felt extremely violated. Cause you could almost see what those hungry eyes just saw and can easily go through the images that went through their head. This is what she meant by stop. Just stop.

There are even worse stories and incidents. But they are sometime so mind numbing that I don’t want to mention it and desensitise people more than they already have been.

Yes, we have a problem with men trying to ‘protect us’. Because we are not an endangered dying species. We are much more than that. Instead giving us some respect and teaching fellow Indian men around (the locals, not well-educated NRIs like you) to just shut us out of their head. But we know it is not possible so we resort to ranting out on public places so that atleast more people become aware of our issues.

We women don’t care if men are bad at approaching us or asking us out. This is not the same western case of ‘wooing’. This is simply mindless torture we have to face as a woman everyday. Where we have to think twice before wearing an outfit we love but hugs our skin or shows some of it.

You think we should stop complaining. Well unless and until you haven’t walked in our shoes I don’t think you have any right on dissing our rants. Some technical facts (like a woman was expected to be virgin, cause she could have carried a baby, but now its different) are not translated in the rants.

But in the end of the day, it is still an unfair world for women here in Incredible India.


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