It is true we must keep least or no expectations from others. That is what makes life much more beautiful and interesting. It keeps life less complicated and less stressful. Because when we fall sick or ill we automatically don’t feel the need to be taken care of. When we feel hungry we don’t feel the need to be fed, and when we are lost we don’t feel the need to be guided through. We instead find ways, routes and methods to keep ourselves entertained in this universe which is full of follies of our acts. We remain happy and compassionate, empathetic yet avoid depending wholly on anyone. We reduce our needs and necessities and minimize the level required for us to be happy.

And most times there is no reason needed to be happy. We have somehow found mental peace in almost nothing. That is the beauty of this life. Don’t get me wrong, we are never demotivated from actions. We are still driven by goals and desires of our heart. We still maintain the same pace of speed in running behind our dreams as we achieve them. It is like hitting the buzzer at each checkpoint of a relay race. We are getting there. Only a few more buzzers left!

But amidst all this you once in a while come across a nut who would say, “But, I did not expect this out of you!”. “I did not imagine you will end up this way.”

And to those beautiful human beings all I have to say, *keeps hand on their shoulder* “I never knew that I have to live my life according to your imagination or expectations. *insert laugh*” LOL

Have a great weekend folks! and a very positive one! 😀


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