This Life.

There! I’ve reached an impasse where I’m unemployed. Here in this boat I feel like I could take everything that comes my way and suddenly just want to ditch all of it and relax and find my ‘niche’.

There are opportunities that don’t align with my profile and sometime it feels like nothing ever will.

Regular conversation:

Why did you take up arts and do International politics then?

I thought I could save the world or be a part of saving it!

*confused look* so are you looking for a job in Marketing or PR. What specific field? How about communications?

Nah, none of that. I’ll probably need superman’s number. Only his company seems suitable for me.

He’s fictional.

Whaaaat?! *breaks down to hopeless tears*.


Sometime you wish everything fit in well. Like a jigsaw puzzle that finally had an end. Instead now I have two different sets and its all mixed up.

Don’t get me wrong. International politics has brilliant opportunities. And I’m sure I’m on my way to find them. And I’m very happy about my career choices and decisions. But I don’t want to miss out on not ranting when unemployed. Otherwise where’s the fun?

Anyways. Here’s to figuring things out. *clinks*


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