Indian Villages

Growing up in a city I have always hated the idea of going to villages or living in them. I, even though being an adult now and belonging to the social sciences should be open and receptive to the idea of having to live and work in a village. Because they are the source of this country’s richness, cultural history and prosperity.

Yet most of the villages are not only regressive in thinking, they lack basic hygienic amenities. But it is not like Mumbai is the cleanest place in the world. In fact, it holds Asia largest slum and garbage dumps across the roads is a normal sight.

Yet, Mumbai is home and why would I ever compromise a home in a city for life in an Indian village? Why should I? rather must be the question.

Then, I googled “Indian Villages” like any normal human being. This made me realise how less I have traveled. And how I have traveled to the wrong villages. ScoopWhoop has an article on few of the fascinating Indian Villages across my country. It suddenly makes me rectify my negative thoughts about rural India and I am extremely embarassed about my ignorance now.

Read Away you guys! Its brilliant!

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