India’s Daughter

BBC made a documentary about the delhi gangrape and released it yesterday. Indian government has tried to get it banned.

BBC is of course stronger than government of a highly populated nation. It said it will only be aired in the UK.

More than half the Indian youth who have access to internet have watched it or atleast have heard about it.

So many opinions about the documentary.

-Filmmakers say its not well made.
-Political scientists believe it is a brutal attack to our international status.

“Religious sentiments of people are hurt.”
“Indian culture is under attack.”

Yes the documentary maker took advantage of the lack of fluency in English of the lawyers. But the documentary was still a hard-hitting reality check.

Now just for a second. Just for a tiny fraction of a second, maybe stop tweeting, maybe stop having arguments on Facebook on who is right and who is wrong. Just stop criticising misogynists. And also stop making me believe India is not a patriarchal society.

No, just don’t.

Put your head up and look around. Look at the men gawking at women. And look at the poverty. Look at illiteracy, lack of proper education. The mess.

In between all of this, the verdict is out. India is not safe for women. You cannot project otherwise in international ‘market’, to make everyone love us, until and unless you improve. WE improve.

India is not safe. Its not respectful and has no consideration for gender equality.

The documentary did perfectly fine in showing typical Indian mentality. You can’t avoid that by saying “documentary mein light purposely dim kiya tha to show a grim environment.”

Most Indians do not and will not respect women as equals. And those Indians who do are still irked and pricked by the ones who don’t and cause such a pathetic menace that leads to making of films like these. Films which are then banned as fast as mannequins wearing lingerie.


2 thoughts on “India’s Daughter

  1. That’s the problem with us in third world countries. We’re so ready to criticize anything that brings the obvious to the light but we’re not ready to actually talk about how to improve.

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