How does external motivation work?

You know those days when you are emotionally tortured by others who constantly nag you about your career or your love life or basically just anything under the sun that is related to you.

When there is only constant negativity and taunts flying all around you like tiny mosquito sized rockets shooting lasers out and burning your skin. (That maybe too much detailed imagination.) But you get what I mean?

Use those negative attitudes towards you as a motivator. How?

(This blog post sounds like I am selling you a product. But I am not)

You know how a cannon works? You put the cannon ball inside and then it rolls down to the end and there is someone lighting fire to the cannon and the ball is suddenly pushed out and it flies away!

That is exactly how creatively you ought to use this negativity around you. Imagine you are the cannon ball and you are rolled down unto the darkness. The machine rises up and you are just a ball in darkness. Surely you’d think you have no purpose or very little purpose in life. You probably are just happy there. And suddenly someone is coming and igniting a fire and trying to make you feel miserable. This is your chance to use that fire as a fuel to fly off and leave the cannon to destroy several castles!!!

Okay don’t destroy castles. But to show the world that you mean something.

And when you look back you see you’ve risen away from the darkness and left the cannon. Its freedom time

And all it needed was for someone to externally ignite fire.

So whenever someone is trying to bring you down think of yourself as a cannon ball and use that attitude of theirs to help yourself get released. 🙂

Even if their attitude annoys you, makes you wanna cry; still after the crying think of this analogy and laugh perhaps?



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