Social – Asocial

This post may be termed as a result of mood swings.

But its not.

Have you ever been through a phase where you no longer care for losing people in life? Where you just have had so much of socialising that you realise everyone has a side to them that you can’t stand. It does not make either of you bad.

It isn’t the only side they have or the side you witness. But there is a time when you overdose on people. When you overdose so much that being social becomes an effort. Not in a bad depressing way. I love humans and their thoughts and everything about them.

It is just the small things, when there is conviction regarding something there shouldn’t be. The rigidity of mindset. It is exhausting. And quite frankly I no longer feel the need to explain myself. Because when you try to make someone else rise from bottom, you realise you have to hit bottom to bring them up. How many times can a person go down there to bring someone above? to make them see the world from peaks of a mountain? No, you can’t.

And this is how I feel lately, Asocial not in its truest sense. But very disconnected. I wish to use all my good energy on the few I love, the rest, I am just sorry. Maybe its an inherent fault in me. As the wonderful saying goes, “Its not you, Its me” 🙂

Because, after a point you just want to be around those whom you don’t have to explain yourself to. Where you can just be.

Meryl Streep says it better and in a more blunt manner than I would :


I feel it is important to ask myself some time out of this world. I do deserve it. I deserve not to be constantly scrutinized upon. And so do you!

Have a great weekend you guys!


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