The Real Feminist

Dear Vogue, Deepika and other 99 women who hold the mike for the rest of us.

A true feminist ( in her case women empowerment) was standing in my kitchen today at 9am having tea and gossiping with me. My maid. Not because she’s a domestic help to serve her family but, because she is an amazing feminist.

My maid has 6 daughters. She brought them up single handedly without her drunkard husband’s help.

She herself is uneducated and illiterate, therefore, she wanted all her daughters to study atleast upto the 7th grade. Her last two daughters reached the 10th and 12th grade. She got them all married after they turned 18. She had made this vow since the start and she stuck to it. All of them are now happily married away and have a family, a job and visit her enough.

She’s actually a proud grandmother of 11 or 12 grandchildren. I’m not sure. But she believes in no more than two child policy herself.

Yes, someone who probably wouldn’t even know that there is a #HeForShe movement happening or that its ‘her choice’, is a true feminist in herself because of her actions.

Your effort usually has to be measured against the situation you’re put in. That’s how you know there is effective work done in your field. So if you’re building a road for well being of others and everybody is supporting you, you need to take less efforts to do a good job. On the other hand, if there is opposition for building of this road and you still end up making it, that effort should receive more appreciation.

She may blurt out the occasional, “it is better if you learn cooking now. Or else your husband’s family wouldn’t like you.”

But what she did is commendable because of the circumstances she was in while doing this act of ’empowerment’.

Therefore to all the women empowerment activists. I raise you my very awesome maid as a better role model for women empowerment/feminism.

I support HeForShe campaign as well “Its My Choice” but if India needs a more realistic model, they need to look within and not outside. Emma Watson even mentioned that in her speech about ‘undercover feminists.’

P.S. I’m well aware that women empowerment and feminism are two different aspects. But in India feminism will never work if you don’t layer it down with some women empowerment. Because in a society where women aren’t even allowed work in some cultures, can’t fight for equal wage alone. You need both and above is an example of how you use both.


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