Climate Change

Do you see the occasional cloudy weather? The heat rising in your surrounding? Or the extreme cold weather you’ve had to put up with?

It is because the environment forgot how to function. The climate which is preparing to destroy whatever remnants of if this planet we’re left with. It is spurring up and soon as is going to pour it down.

Are you ready for it? More than that, are you even aware about it?

As I inhale smoke infused air I wonder if awareness would even matter. Whatever we collectively do now would it even count?

Instead it is better that we ride through the remaining moments of this planet. Saying whatever we do has meaning and makes sense. Even though the world is quite literally falling apart.
It is much more comforting to find solace in the work we do for now. How else would we keep ourselves busy and happy?

But, my human, I hope you’ll let the water gush in through you when it enters your door. Because it is sweet release from our acts, deeds and misuse of planet earth – knowing or unknowingly.


3 thoughts on “Climate Change

  1. I do like occasional cloudy sky. I’m a big fan of it. 😀 But nature doesn’t necessarily know that. Where I live, it’s more heat than cold. 😦 I wish there truly was something we could do to get the environment back on track. (There was a big fuss about Climate Summit at the UN but I don’t know if anything fruitful actually came out of it.)

    • It didn’t actually… Instead there were those who said “climate change” isn’t a thing quite well. Because big companies make millions by destroying our climate. But it’s funny to observe na lol where above the sky is preparing to end us and here we’re thinking the world is in our hands etc etc.

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