Passing Thoughts – Words and Why Must You Write More Often.

Words are intoxicating aren’t they? Every time I write a sentence that comes from my mind it leaves a feeling of happiness. It has grown out of me like a tree that has it’s first seed sown. The seed over here becomes a ‘thought’. This thought then if nurtured well enough becomes an idea and then an expression which if written down begins to grow. The roots of this plant then grow deeper and stabilize. The roots here are the meaning that we derive from a particular text. This meaning grows deeper if we bring it to light and hydrate it.

There is a power in this tree because there are no axes that can kill it. It probably only withers away if we hide in the dark shadows of our mind. If we let the overcrowding opaqueness of our external world overcome it. Never be afraid to pin any words or thoughts down. You might not know at what point in your life you will need to sought in the shade of these trees- sentences, paragraphs, pages, etc.


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