Parallel universeS exist

Yes, they do exist in plural. And this is my theory.

Every night when we fall asleep we dream. Sometime it is a dream about bizarre things and some time it has some correlation with our day.

For example:-

One kind of dream:- You dream about a herd of elephants. And you wake up to realise that was probably because you were just working on something related to elephants previously. Or rode one.

Second kind of dream:- where you dream about falling down from a building. Travelling to the unknown. Seeing strangers. Or dreaming about eating some food you never have eaten before.

Well there are a million ways to interpret dreams.

I have this another way. Maybe universes exists. They are all around like one circle above another. And you know what happens when you sleep? Your soul moves and goes to see what you are upto in another universe. That is why your boyfriend is cheating on you there, you’re marrying your ex. Your parents are dying. You are swimming in an ocean.

Some of the things we do is bizarre as well like flying in the sky. But maybe in a parallel universe it is possible.

Hence the anomalies in our dreams.

So our soul skips the rings sometime goes to the adjacent ring. Sometime to the one way above or way below.

You know how a circle above a circle above a circle works. That’s how. Like a bunch of bangles stacked one above another with enough of space in between.

And that’s why parallel universes exist and we visit it every night once we sleep… These circles are 24 hours long. Like our planet earth is. Don’t you think?
Just a thought I mean.


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