Passing thoughts

You know when do we look the ugliest? When we mock someone behind their back. When we laugh at their oddness or their lack or ‘normalcy’. When we feel envy towards someone simply by comparing our lives to theirs. I’m not saying “walk in their shoes maybe its not that easy for them”. It is true some people have it easier, some people have weird opinions or different behaviours. That does not make them available for ridicule or criticism.

People look the ugliest when they show that side of them. Almost as if definition of how to do things starts and ends by them.

Don’t do it. You invite the universe to simply paint you ugly. And that’s not what you want is it? Avoiding mockery of others is the easiest thing to do. And yet it baffles me how people continue to do it.

This post courtesy is the girl who was mimicking someone on the phone and making fun of her. Don’t do it my good woman. That wasn’t a good colour on you.


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