Passing thoughts – How naive

How naive is it for a human being to consider him or herself to be the most intelligent being on this planet.

We are doing a lot of things I agree.

But even today we are not able to tell before a natural calamity hits us. Animals/Birds get the signal before.

We’re not able to tell when our loved one is really about to pass away at times. Animals/Birds know it beforehand when someone amongst them, or even us is about to pass away.

These are very basic things. We have machines etc that tell us these things nowadays. But mind you its not inherently built into us. Animals neither know what is a cardiogram or anything.

They just know how and when death happens. They know how and when an earthquake or any other calamity is about to happen. No meter or a seismologist needed.

That automatically makes them more intelligent than us doesn’t it? Much more connected to this planet which we claim to have made just for us, don’t you think?


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