The world without money

What would a world without money be like?

I know we all have wondered this atleast once. Cause we all seem to be ruled by this mere paper at some point or the other.

Sometime it makes us ruthless human beings, where instead helping someone in need, we look at how much that person is ‘mooching’ off us. And its bizarre. Because tomorrow if you’re in trouble it is not money rescuing you. It is people who with or without money coming to your aid. Yes, humans.

So its wiser to wonder about a world without money. Heck, it is also wiser to wish for such a world.

A world without money could be something like this.

1. Your salary would probably be nothing; so you ultimately end up doing something that gives you happiness for free.

2. This could mean that the world will start working together to feed others as well. Cause agriculture, forestry, cooking, running a restaurant would be someone’s passion right? Someone who maybe stuck in an awful office rut must be wanting to do one of those things.

(Eating food isn’t a passion BTW. Its a necessity. So food critics, find a better job)

Since there is no money the only incentive to work is for happiness and real joy. This would make everyone happier in their lives doing what they love.

If you love teaching you’d do that and if you love studying you’d do that!

Who knows the information that is available for free today will be even more vast and completely free of course.

The concept of ‘free’ will also perhaps disappear. Because nobody will understand what it means anymore.

Travel also will become free and more free flowing. Since there is no money as an incentive to be in the west people may migrate less.

Who knows we may get those from west over here to east to make us more developed.

Since everyone is happy and coexisting in peace, we may see the higher purpose of life.

Because you’re not born on this planet to simply seek materialistic gains. We still don’t really know our purpose. We just stay read and have different interpretations and ideas.

But nobody is really able to develop the idea of ‘why we’re here‘ because we’re busy focusing on ‘how do we stay here‘.


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