Generation ‘now’

We live in the ‘give-me-everything-now’ generation.

The one which wants
Food now
Respect now
Money now
Love now

Just everything now!

That’s why we have fast food that gets made in seconds. We have people turning into entrepreneurs at the drop of a hat so they can atleast gain respect from their employees. People working for such entrepreneurs so they get some respect and say at work environments.

Yes, there are genuine entrepreneurs and people who resort to fast food because of time constraints and monetary constraints. That does not mean the exception to the rule don’t exist. They exist in large numbers huddle together and are constantly humming ‘now, now, now’.

This now factor is seen for everything. For love when they want their love to be acknowledged and reciprocated now. Money to flow into their pockets now.

We want someone to be with us forever now. We want to be happy now. We wish to get that expensive bag now.

I know it sounds cliché when someone tells you, “Look how your parents/grandparents had to wait forever to get something”. But the cliché-ness or repititive ness of this does not make it less true.

Why the impulsiveness in us you ask? I honestly don’t know. Maybe cause technology has made it easier for those who do have it easy to spread it in a well framed way. But honestly nobody has it easy.

Everyone has to go through hardships. Every genuinely successful person atleast.

It is only the frame we see and start wanting it. The frame borrowed from social media, word of mouth etc. Most of us do not notice the effort put into the art piece inside the frame. Those who do know this do not know how to make others understand it.

Instead, we are all grabbing frames and trying to become a masterpiece inside it.

It works for some, it does the opposite for many.

The frame only holds the art piece but does not define it; probably enhances it but that’s it. Too much analogy.

I’ve had an overflow of analogies in my surroundings. I think (ironically) analogies are over done and overused.
Don’t you?

That’s about it folks. 


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