Quitting Facebook helped me on my reading

In the past few months I have caught up really well on my reading. I voluntarily stopped checking Facebook since February. I made this decision after I discovered it to be a source for my stress.

This post is not for me saying how bad or good Facebook is. To each his own, right? I don’t condemn Facebook. I believe it has helped so many causes, organisations, old friends etc. Its a beautiful platform in fact.

Though not for weak minded like me who get easily affected.

Instead I’m going to make a log to see how much I’ve covered in this duration.

Currently I’m only focussing on my reading list :-

Since February

Books read completely

1. Little shop of Hopes And Dreams –    Fiona Harper
2. Handmaids tale – Margaret Atwood
3. Mahabharata – C Rajagopalachari
4. Etidorpha
5. Hollow earth in the Puranas

Books read half  or few chapters (or still in process):-

1. Maharashtra the secret
2. Arranged marriage – Chitra Divakaruni
3. Crooked Cats’ tales
4. Asura
5. Maximum city
6. Long walk to freedom
7. Jaya – Devdutt Pattnaik
8. India After Gandhi – Ramchandra Guha

I hope to be able to do more by reducing my activity on twitter and other social media.

Just a personal experiment to test against how much I can get done without these websites as opposed to how much I used to.

🙂 Have a fantastic weekend you guys.


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