Blaming external factors for the failures you face helps you reduce the weight of guilt. To accept that you were wrong and you were incapable and therefore you have failed is a difficult task.

Once you accept your mistake as yours only and your failures as yours only. It becomes a prerogative for your mind to start hunting down solutions.

Situation A

You’re in a mess.

“This happened because of my parents, lack of others understanding me, that person did not respond on time, they asked all the wrong questions and many other reasons/excuses.”

What is the solution?

“Well, I don’t know. I was the victim, don’t you get it? Pity me and help me.”

Situation B

You’re in a mess.

“This is entirely caused by me. Others have no say in it. I took all the wrong steps and was very short sighted.”

What’s the solution?

“Well, since I’ve learnt what not to do from personal experience I’ll not shy away from doing something more proactive. After all if my mess is in my hand, then so is my success.”

In Situation A we realise if we distance ourselves from the situation you lose view. The problem does go far away and it becomes blurry. Mind you, the problem doesn’t disappear. It is still following you from a distance. You may no longer be able to see it, but, you probably can tell it is there.

Situation B shows that once you accept something it gets closer and you get a better view and understanding of what went wrong. You start thinking what all you can do to make an exit.

Therefore wouldn’t it be wiser to take Situation B?

This is super-preachy-post. I am so sorry about that folks!

Have a great week ahead. 🙂


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