The Batman Epiphany

So Batman, the guy who lost his rich parents, is a rich kid who sort of owns a whole business right?

His parents were killed and it was unfair and everything. Then there are some villains who are drug peddlers and poor people.

So maybe just maybe if we look at it differently it shows how Batman represents the bourgeoisie. The ones who are constantly trying to prove that poor people are nothing but ignorant and awfully faltered.

When the poor people take a stand (for example Joker) they make him look so pathetic and awful that they colour their faces. Hide their scars to just make them look ugly. They make his actions look crazy and equal it to anomalies.

They also make Batman look like the Robinhood and a victim of the society cause it was unfair to him.

Well isnt that how the bourgeoisie would treat the poor, they would to be the victims. Even if they can own super amazing cars and bikes. The rich would be the ones who would save others from the lowest section of society who protest against them aka villains.

Everyone says how Batman never takes credit for what he did and nobody ever remembers him.

Do you think maybe he himself wants to be forgotten because tax commissioners would get him?

You know. Just maybe.

(Batman lovers don’t hate me. Sorry. But just maybe.)

And people who’ve had this Epiphany before. Kudos! I love the way you think.


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