When it rains, it pours

Bombay has a very peculiar relationship with rains.

Either the rains never arrive and leave us with droughts. Or they arrive and arrive so hard that they drown the whole city.

I’d like to connect this relationship to global warming and climate change. But that’s for another time.

Today what I realised as I walked through the linear rainfalls, under my umbrella (no please don’t sing), that nature never discriminates.

It rains hard and rains hard on everyone irrespective. Poor beggar, well educated man, random aunty, weird and awkward teenagers. Almost everyone is subject to the heavy rainfalls.

So much for all the individuality and uniqueness we hold through, we have one major common factor that we share – nature.

Rains do not care that you did not carry a bag that is not at all waterproof. Neither did it bother if you don’t belong to this city. Or whether you wore your favourite skirt for a party.

Such indifference is probably only found in nature. It does its job and leaves and let the other factions of it take over.

And the moment you start toying with it, it’ll fluctuate its behaviour and fall so hard on you that you’ll probably never get up.

So as I did chap chap on the puddles I walked upon, I couldn’t help but laugh at the magnanimity of these natural factors that engulf us and puts us back in our place.

Was this a post slyly about climate change? Maybe! 😛


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