Passing thoughts – Karma and the Beach?

Below is a very beachy context on how life works.

Since I’ve been reading up Hindu mythology you come across a lot of aspects on Karma. I’m tired of boring my friends with my thoughts on them so might as well pen them down here.

You know how Karma works. It’s you standing at the shore with waves hitting you on and off. At one point there maybe no waves and at some point a tsunami like wave may gush through. Or even a storm may assist a wave to get you.

These are probably the result of the various ripples you’ve caused in the ocean. There isn’t much you can do about it.

Only the brave stand through and let the waves hit them. Only a fool would try to fight the tide. A creative fool may create a magnetic device to change the tide. Unfortunately for him/her the waves, moon and other aspect do not work on man-made resources and his device may fail him.

The ones who have braved the tide stand by it only to see their clear reflection in the ocean after the waves have gone for good. To realise that once you let nature do it’s job, you are free from it. Free from fearing it anymore.

(This is super analogical post only cause I love beaches. Don’t take it literally and stand like a fool when a tsunami hits you. When a tsunami hits you, you run like you’ve never run before!)


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