Before Sunrise

A movie(Before Sunrise) had stated how the world has suddenly increased its population as compared to the last decades. So the actor said probably souls’ split each time a human dies and newer souls make newer humans.

Even though it was a boring movie. This concept stuck on in my head.

It’s an interesting concept to the whole population explosion which took place.

But this concept is outrightly flawed, as the actor (or writer in this case) did not take into account the number of living beings that had to die to make space for more humans. Number of trees chopped off, number of insects that dwell in trees which died, rapid rate of extinction of certain animals etc. They also possess souls. So maybe those souls transformed into humans.

Therefore there may have not been any splitting as such taking place. Although, I’m unsure about addition or subtraction of souls on the planet.

This was a thought gnawing me since a long time. Hence I had to write this. Have a great weekend guys! 😀


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