Oh Universe!

Life gives you so many amazing freaky incidents that you ought to record them.

Today I had to meet a friend two stations away from where I worked.  I decided to cab it up as it will be faster.  I was waiting on the main road after office hours. Naturally there were no empty cabs.  I just started telling myself, “Oh universe,  you are going to get me a cab to Mahim”.

And as I kept seeing no empty black and yellow cabs I knew disappointment was near.  Then one guy in a normal car, a tourist car, was waving and mouthed the word, ” taxi?” from far away.  First I thought it was someone offering me a lift.  Which is weird.  Then I saw it was the tourist cab.  I decided to ignore it.  For the fear of being a woman and a strange taxi lift.

But then the crazy part of my head thought what if I let this answered thought of mine go unanswered.  Let me just walk towards the cab and see what’s his deal and if he actually would leave me till wherever I needed to go.

I walked ahead and asked him, “Mahim?” (Where I needed to go)

He said yes near the Church? I said no near the  School.  He agreed.  I sat inside he said put the windows up for air conditioning.  I was a little reluctant and then I let that happen.  Up until now this is everything a girl is NOT supposed to do as taught to us.  I texted my friend whom I was meeting, “If I don’t reach in ten minutes call me. I’m in an ac cab I don’t even know why.”

Soon I decided to apply one tactic that I had learnt works in the past. Talking. Speaking to the driver as he drives to know more about his whereabouts etc.

Later after speaking for almost 15 minutes I discovered he works for the taxi company Uber.  (Whom I have strictly avoided because of its bad reputation.)  He told me he finished work early today to go for his daughter’s admission.  They have applied at 15 colleges and neither she nor 8 of her friends have got through.  He has been doing this daily.  Finishing work early and going to support her and also to find some solution by talking to authorities.

He also told me how when he was young he did night school and no college.  He worked his way up.  But now situation is too different and difficult.  My heart went out to him.  I suggested him a college further away from city but known for its campus.  He said , ” She’s a girl I don’t want to risk that. If it was a boy I wouldn’t have thought even for a second.”  My heart immediately lept out.

The fear we all hold is held by those out there as well.  Ironically when the few mess up with the society they cause terror amongst the majority.  The amount of impact few have on us is ridiculous.

Then he asked about me I told him I’m starting a new job this Friday etc and how difficult it is to even find a job.  He told me about his job experiences later.  He charged me what a normal taxi guy would charge. (Something I realised to late before I could rectify it.)

He also wished me best of luck for my new job.  And I told him it will all be fine for his daughter.

This is one of those Bombay experiences I adore.  It may not just be Bombay.  The whole world perhaps.

This has been the highlight of my day! 🙂


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