Sorry, Your Opinion Is Invalid

This is a new lesson I’ve recently taught myself.

Thanks to internet everyone has easy access to information.  What happens once they get access?  They get entitled to have opinion.  Suddenly everyone is an expert on how the world works. For some reason they are so deep rooted in their belief that they forget, “Opinion is the shallowest form of knowledge.”

There is a hypothetical calculation behind this theory of mine.  On why whatever you may know or think you know is wrong and has a high possibility of being invalid.

A person lives for approximately for 80 years? (Taking an average) his parents will live for 80 and his children as well.

So he will be entirely aware of the 80 years he is alive for. He may gather knowledge of previous 40 years from his parents, teachers and elders. Looking at his childrens’ generation he can presume what is going to happen for the next 40 years i.e. his knowledge from 120 years will help him determine the next 40 years.

He may read books. Let’s assume this human of ours is super well read. He would read about history and everything. Still they will be books-filtered knowledge.

Yet, we can assume this human of ours has knowledge of approx 200 years maximum. (Do you even know how long has the world existed for? Or the universe for that matter? I dont.) Based on the knowledge he assumes he knows everything. Yes! He knows everything and has strong opinions. On what is true or untrue in history/science and not just that he has assured forecasts about future that he stands by. Oh human, have some shame. You wouldnt even be able to travel enough to acquire all the knowledge in the world.

So maybe all that you think as an opinion or your thought could be absolutely untrue and invalid. Just like this blogpost of mine. This is one of the reason why I will always stand by the quote, “All I know is I know nothing.”

Cause I truly know nothing.

This blogpost is a result of me humbling myself down, as I grow to read more and more.


2 thoughts on “Sorry, Your Opinion Is Invalid

  1. It’s one of the more sensible quotes. Sigh. We know so little yet we are so enamored by the decisions we take for ourselves and each other. Believing truly that we know nothing is the only way the cup will ever be half, or even a quarter full.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad to stumble into yours.

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