Political party and taking sides

Today was one of those infuriating days where I had to have a political argument with someone who is not even aware of what it actually means.

For some reason politics is not immune to those stepping their toes in the water and telling us, who are down underneath the ocean, how cold or warm the water is.

The person was an AAP supporter. First question shot to me was, “How can you not support any political party?”.

Well, because a student of politics and social science sees a political party inside out. And we’re crippled by our analytical ability to support any party wholly. So we support some characteristics, hate others and are left with no party to support. No side to take and no stand to make.

And if there are those who think AAP is unbeatable. Then let me tell you, it is one of the most short sighted party ever. A party that quit in 45 days and re-joined and won again. Why did you even quit in the first place? Do you have a love-hate relationship with governance?

The party that fell short of funds. I understand it does not want to resort to corrupt means. But how long are you going to ask the people, who are already paying taxes, to fund you? Isn’t it a little unfair? Do you really not have any other ideas?

This AAP member instead decided to pick a fight with me and said “No, only when we pass the Jan lokpal the corrupt people will go and the poor will get support.”

I told her that is so idealistic. I just wanted to say stupid and unrealistic, but I decided to take the high road. Which wasn’t the right thing, cause the next thing she said was, “Yes, idealism works.”

I was ready to throw myself out of the rickshaw and get killed by a truck rather than deal with this. I told her in politics being hardcore realist is the only way.

(For those who know me personally I’m an idealist when it comes to life. When it comes to hardcore politics you have to understand that realist thinking is what works.)

Yet, there was more. She said “Realist thinking isn’t practical. Only idealists are practical.”

I decided to ignore it. Although, I wonder how many political thinkers rolled in their grave. I asked her in the end. “If so many people are interested in politics, why don’t you study it as a subject and become well-versed? Instead, of just joining a party blindly without understanding what politics is all about. She said not everyone can afford it.

Yeah I agree, not everyone can take up arts and say I want to study something a little off. Not everyone can take up a newspaper and read more or buy books on history. But, when the time comes, we all want to have a piece in the mainstream because it is so fancy to have an opinion.

Politics is the only area that gives you freedom to enter even if you know nothing. Literally, nothing.

AAP I have nothing against you. I am sure other parties are also breeding such ignorant members by the day!
This member of yours said, “Politics is a psychological term. It is all about mind games.”

I could have weeped by now.

She wanted to argue further. I gave up cause, I knew she is doing this for the thrill of seeing me worked up and wanted to prove a point that wasn’t there in the first place. And I did not even tell her half the stuff that I’ve managed to write here on this post.

It is horrible to see how political opinion is such an easy one to have. Everyone feels entitled to have one.

All I want to do is stand by my government irrespective of what anyone says and irrespective of which party is ruling. Running a large democracy like ours is not a joke. It is also not easy to run a country where more than half of us refuse to pay tax and the remaining blame the government for using corrupt means.


2 thoughts on “Political party and taking sides

  1. Almost made me feel i was the ‘Political Dumb’ having this conversation with you. Well but i often precaution my defenders coz only the trailer interests me and not the whole movie – so that is how small my circle of knowledge is ;).

    • Lol… I think I made myself sound like an arrogant bitch :/ But, all of my great friends are not politically aware and don’t even care. It’s the occasional nuisance I come across :/

      I am sure you are well versed in some subject you love and those who aren’t sometime bug you. If not, then, I envy you. 😛 I can do away with this mind numbing passion for a subject.

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