A lesson on How to be Nice

Hi Mumbaikars, I know we all have strenuous lives and an extremely crowded, dirty and perennially awake city.

Our life is always filled with chaos isnt it? Those three railway routes dictate our lives at times.

(Atleast for those who use it regularly)

But what makes you so pissed all the time? Today while travelling there were some women being mad at an old lady for having too much oil in her hair and it smelled. How petty could we get?

I obviously did not partake in the activity of giggling etc. Then there were some women who picked a fight with her for constantly changing the place from she stood. Seriously? She’s an old lady. Then the constant noise women make with their tongues and how they get ticked off by the tiniest things on a train.

You’re given 20 minutes, more or less, in a train. Those minutes can be spent in either cribbing about petty things or look beyond and be a human.

Sometime I feel we Mumbaikars need a lesson on how to be nice. Realise that you’re going to be old and helpless some day. Who would you depend on then? The ones you giggle with? What would you do when someone laughs at you for being old and fragile? This day would perhaps haunt you then wouldnt it?

This post is a result of a lecture I imagined giving the girl. Yet, who am I to say anything? And why must I ruin my 20 minutes of peace for someone whose logic and empathy has definitely flown out of the window.

If you are someone who practices road rage and constant fights at public places. Stop now. You’re just not making it easier for anybody and your behaviour will not get you anywhere.


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