Notes from a Government Officer’s lifestyle

Remember what APJ had said about leaving work on time? “You’ll be deemed incompetent if you can’t finish your job in the given span of time”, he said.

I follow this rule. Not just because it was said by him. I follow it also cause I think there is government officer sitting inside me waiting to get out.

Government employees leave their jobs on time. We hate them for it. Why? Because they stall our work.

They are at times the happiest people you will meet. Also the most expressive. Unlike the customer service at corporates who have to repress their feelings towards their customers. They can’t say out loud how they feel and end up crying or quitting.

So who leads a healthier lifestyle? The person at the govt office who shouts on top of his/her voice when you forget one document? Or the person at customer service who is constantly cussed and yelled upon?

Even if they are corrupt and many of them are involved in scandals. They have some traits we must inculcate.

One more reason why the government guys are happier (apart from the benefits) is cause they leave on time. They have a life! They go home enjoy whatever.

Corporates can’t.

So let the government officer inside leave your office on time. You know he/she is right.

P.S. added benefit of leaving office on time. Taking selfeets!



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