Where could you be happier?


Here’s a list of some of the happiest countries explored in “Geography of Bliss” and the reasons why people are so happy there.

Happiness is not inside. Or not only. The outside matters. That’s the starting point of the book “Geography of Bliss”. The author, Eric Weiner, whose name seems to have predestined him to write this book and who himself suffers “from the uniquely modern malady that historian Darrin McMahon calls “the unhappiness of not being happy”” (p. 3), had worked as a foreign correspondent and covered tales of woe, blood, massacre in Afghanistan, Irak, etc. Until he decided one day to bring this to a halt and to turn his job on its head: he would write about happiness.

Quipped with the World Happiness Index, he visits a couple of top-rank countries (Bhutan, Switzerland, Iceland), the world’s most unhappy country (Moldova) and some other countries in-between (Qatar…

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