Passing thoughts – Shoe Bite

Shoe bites are the worst! Yes. Nobody enjoys them, do they? (If you do then well… Hi! You’re interesting :P)

But I despise shoe bites. And being an avid shoe lover (shoe buyer) I tend to stuffer too often from it.

There are times when I feel that I will never find the perfect shoe which fits me. Only sneakers or good ballerinas are my feet’s best friend. Although, they don’t really last long. Cause I’m a walker. I will walk for hours and hours if need be. (I should consider buying army shoes.)

But this time my shoe bite is a bit different. I know I can’t just remove my shoes and walk barefeet in a city like Bombay. At the same time I can’t complain. Therefore, I bear them till I finally break into them.

Bearing the pain has made my mind go entirely blank. It has somehow shut all the thoughts out. A state of meditation. Forced meditation. Or maybe my mind has found its own numbing ingredient. So that I think about nothing. Cause if I do I’ll start feeling the pain from the bruise.

This state of indifference is fantastic cause I couldnt be bothered to give any reaction to an angry rickshawalla.

Also, shoe bites also slow you down. A normal Mumbaikar must hate me today for walking so slowly. He/she must wonder how free my life is.

Well, it isn’t. I arrived late to office today just because of the damn shoe.

Hopefully I’ll break into them in a few more days.

I wonder why we torture our feet so much. I can’t think of any answers. My mind is too damn blank you see.

Post courtesy: New Shoes!


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