Freedom of ‘Informed’ Speech

Freedom of speech needs to change to ‘Freedom of ‘informed’ speech.’ (With a clause to sarcastic and ironic statements perhaps.)

But that’s it.

This idea has come after careful consideration on what people utter these days. And what is their final reference point? The information exists on the internet.

You remember how Tony Stark was asked? “If I take away your armour what will you be?”

He said playboy, businessman etc. Pardon my ignorance. I don’t really remember what he said.

There is also a meme which says “Sherlock Holmes.” This one is easier to remember.

So today I ask those who base their arguments over articles from internet and Wikipedia. What if I take away the internet from you? Then what is your reference point?

You know what your answer should be? Personal experiences, conditioning by my family, other social circles, and the various books I’ve read.

That’s all.

You need to realise internet is doing very little to change your perspective. It is instead just firming beliefs you already hold from personal beliefs. It is doing the same for those around you.

Therefore, if Person X believes xyz=abc and you don’t. Then you both will have equal amount of information to prove each other wrong.

That’s how the world wide web works. So simply don’t frame an argument or a conclusion by reading everything online. Use your common sense and sense of empathy. Being misinformed is too easy. Being entirely informed isnt.

Because once you are informed you ultimately read dialogue of both sides and realise the world isn’t a ‘dual’ system. It is a pluralistic society.


7 thoughts on “Freedom of ‘Informed’ Speech

  1. gosh, well said, everyone gets so hung up on what they read online that they don’t stop and think whether forming a perspective can ever that easy. Not at all. It takes years of living and understanding a facet of society or the world to even have a halfway sensible opinion about it.

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