Misplaced Priorities

Whenever a bollywood movie like Bajrangi Bhaijaan crosses the 500 crore mark, we all hear terms like, “Look, they say Indians are poor but we are not!”

Of course not. We spend so much on Gold, that our former Finance Minister had to plead to our women to stop buying it.

We are the world’s highest consumers of cellphones as well. I don’t need stats to even tell me this, I saw a slum dweller taking selfies. That was proof enough.

So aren’t you proud? Being a part of a nation with an extremely high purchasing power. Well, don’t be.

I don’t know if we’re rich or not. But, we are most definitely a country with the highest number of people having misplaced priorities. Ironically, majority of our population comes from the religion that preaches giving up of materialistic desires, yet we are the ones that consume it the most.

I don’t know if it’s hypocrisy or whether we are just blind.

We are most certainly selfish.

Oh yes, my Indians are rich. Very rich. But we are also selfish.

Nobody really thinks of India as a country for themselves. As long as we provide for movies, variety of cuisines and several other facilities the people are happy. They will not give a second thought driving five or six of their cars on a road filled with potholes.

Buying a car and not paying tax as I do it is my choice. But not fixing the potholes is your fault.

The reason why India is still poor is it lacks funding in areas that are collectively used by public for eg: sanitation and roads.

It doesn’t lack funding when individual choices are fulfilled like theaters, restaurants, malls, etc. Which is why companies like Flipkart and Snapdeal thrive.

I am not saying don’t be selfish. Be as selfish as you can. After all the money you earn is to consume for yourself. It’s your hard earned money.

But don’t tell me look we spend so much on gold, movies, travel and cellphones. India is rich!

India is not rich. Individuals are. The country on the other hand still suffers from a Swachh Bharat campaign that has failed in its first lap. The country is still poor in sight and in other areas. It isn’t thriving at all. People inside the country are.

And if you believe in the logic that “People are thriving so even the country would.” Well, perhaps it would. Maybe the tummies need to be filled first before everyone can think on a higher note for the benefit of everyone else.

The pyramid structure of Maslow explains this condition better.

So maybe if we look at it positively, India isn’t rich. We’re still getting there by being glued to our smart phones in an air conditioned metro and writing blogs.

Maybe. 😛


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