How education saves you

In a world where more and more academics are falling out of jobs or surviving on meagre wages, we’ve come to question the relevance of higher education.

Higher education, hereby written as just ‘education’, is a degree over and above the level done by every average Joe in your region.

Education provides you higher insights in all aspects of life.

So when a generation of people take a ‘break’ to either do a startup or work freelance and some just take up travelling and run to mountains, those with education prevail.

Why you say?

Because those with education have resources. Not just in the form of ‘contacts’. They know what to read. Newspapers, newsletters and which authors are the best. They don’t shy away from reading various genres.

Yes, internet has made it easy for everyone to access good articles. But it is important to know the difference between thought catalog, brainpickings, new yorker and buzzfeed (yeeeesh) articles. Read them all, but learn to distinguish.

They have met several people from other fields. Social or not social, these people who always come across folks from different fields, thereby, getting different perspectives.

This makes them more empathetic and gives them a higher level of sensitivity.

Most of them have struggled through essays, exams and dissertation and they tend to hold a high amount of patience. So when something falls apart they immediately know how to draw strength from within and stay calm.

Their experiences with education is recent and will always remain fresh in their heads. They will constantly check on topics they love and once in a while read it. This is if they don’t completely take on their path of passion.

There are exceptions on both sides.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs etc are the exception to the rule in that side.

And no. Not everyone is that special to be the exception to the rule. If the world was that balanced, then we’d never have situations that give rise to power-play.

They say people who have education are scared of taking risks. It is true. To some extent they lose a lot in the process of testing pros and cons. They won’t just jump on a boat to nowhere.

But this perhaps is because they’re don’t feel the need to discover their identity and attain fame. Those who are drop outs or not educated have no other option but to try all the locks to discover fame. And as history states, those who take risks always succeed. Always.

This is a random Thursday night post on a thought that lingered far too long in my head. Night folks!


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