Do we ever really grow up?

Today Mumbai had an unfortunate incident where a train on the western line derailed at 11am. This paralysed the whole route for rest of the day.

Naturally, as I reached the station post-work it was more crowded than usual and filled with angry and anxious commuters.

The fights that usually takes place within the four walls of a coach, took place on platform. “If you’re travelling for one station then go and take a rick! Don’t add to the burden”

I am pretty sure some train friends turned enemies today. But what struck me was something else. Something that warmed my heart to its core.

There were only slow trains departing to where I had to go. Suddenly, the indicator on the opposite platform showed a train arriving which will go in my direction. It was too vague and had no arrival time.

Not many took a chance, assuming it’s a technical fault. Then a police inspector patrolling assured us the train is actually coming.

Impatient and jumpy folks like me (very few) went on to cross the bridge. Some chose to cross the tracks.

Once we reached the platform, we stood there waiting for an emptier train. We had lesser crowd to fight against in order to get into the train. We were feeling so triumphant.

And to our dismay the next train arrived only on the platform we were originally standing. Those on the original platform began screaming and hooting. As if we were two separate teams and one of us won! Then winner got the train. (A very valuable victory.)

This made me and several others laugh.

Even during trying and irritating times like this, the kid inside us comes out and lightens up the mood.

Somehow I am happy for these unexpected childish moments. We know without them life in a Mumbai Local (or anywhere) would be really sad.

*hikes on tracks to go home*

JK I got the emptier train. The train did eventually arrive on our platform after a little wait. 😛


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