Passing thoughts – An omen

The most common omen I come across is the one associated with mynahs.

If you see a pair of mynahs it is lucky. Some say it is unlucky to see just one.

My mom, who is unusually superstitious, believes in it. If she comes across one mynah then, to beat bad luck, she looks at it twice. She has her ways to amuse herself.

I often come across a single mynah. There are rare moments when there’s a couple. Rarer to spot a bunch of them. I’m unsure whether this omen is true.

What I’m more unsure of is if the mynah knows that there’s a prophecy is associated to its existence. Today as I spotted a lone mynah, scavenging for food on railway tracks, I wondered if it knows how much meaning we associate to him/her.

I know he/she is unaware. It is perhaps a loner who requires no one. Or maybe it’s mate is taking care of babies while this one gets food. It has no concern to what luck it brings us. It is busy living its bird-life.

Maybe we humans are the only ones who add meaning where it isn’t necessary. Who give weight to this planet when it didn’t ask for it. Maybe.


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