The salary figure

A lot of people these days consider their salary package to be the most personal aspect of their life. It’s the norm to never ask someone their salary.

I came across it when I was little and asked my uncle his salary. He just looked at me and said you are not supposed to ask these questions. My mom agreed with him. I felt as if I did something wrong. Later on I told my dad about it and he laughed and said “Salary is nothing that needs to be hidden.” And went on to show me his salary slip and how much he earns. I’m sure the 11 year old me did not comprehend any of it.

As I grew up my father was always open about this very aspect of his life. Not by bragging but simply by being honest. A lot of people, it is said, lie about their salary package when asked.

It is as good as asking a very conscious woman her age. You never know if its true unless you get your hand on her birth certificate.

My friends also have advised me not to disclose the number to anyone. One of them has given it back to a lot of people by indirectly asking them to stop prying.

Recently someone whom we as a family barely know asked me my salary. And as I answered I realised. What is the big deal? So its the amount I earn. Unless and until I don’t define myself with money I wouldn’t have to ashamed or offended to answer, right?

It is exactly like answering the age question. Saying what it is doesn’t demean you or make you look better. It is what it is. The whole prying aspect over salary also never really got through me.

The other party wants information and I give it. What they do with it later on is their concern. I, on the other hand, just answered a very basic question.


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