Flags and pride

With Modi signing on flag issue one wonders whether India is really a prude nation. After this issue over ‘flag code’ I watched with suspicion at those who wore outfits that had flags of UK or USA. I saw someone wearing a shoe that had the flag of UK printed on it.

The reason why such products are worn easily is cause they have a more liberal flag code. There are biknis worn which hold the American flag as the design. Then why are we so finnicky with our flag code? Do we give too much meaning to the tricolour and forcefeed patriotism to our citizens? Are we so afraid of people disrespecting our flag so much that we take an extra measure to see it isn’t spoiled.

Excessive laws like these do arise out of fear rather than respect. It could also be that we want our nation’s symbol to be recognised over and above an individual. Therefore the flag does become untouchable and beyond your capacity to disfigure it in anyway.

P.S. Also, this does not clearly mean I support what the PM did. He should have been aware of the code before putting his signature on the flag.

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