Grammar overruled

Inspite of writing and reading often I face a trouble that nobody who does the above must face. I am ALWAYS grammatically incorrect.

The only punctuations I know to use is full-stop and inverted commas. This rules me out on becoming an author at any point in my life. This maybe a sign of partial dyslexia or a sign of rebellion (joking).

It is very frustrating to not know where does the comma go and how to use the semi-colon. All of this inspite being educated in an English medium school and using Wren and Martin for most of my English classes.

I find a way to counter this frustration by observing how I don’t follow the rule at all in creative activities. When it comes to singing, I purposely sing out of tune or add words that weren’t there. There are times when I mix up lyrics or say the opposite – this I don’t do purposely. This, mixing up lyrics, might as well be another sign of partial dyslexia.

This hasn’t really stopped me from singing or writing. Neither does it stop me from being a victim to constant criticism.

Maybe I will figure out all the punctuations one day and get the lyrics right. For now, I am just happy being aware of this problem and making constant mistakes.


One thought on “Grammar overruled

  1. Yeah I too had been in this phase and had convinced myself that i can improve but that doesn’t stop me from my creative work 🙂 Cheers 🙂

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