Book ban

Interviewer: Your book was banned cause it incited violence and was harmful to the safety of our society.

Interviewee: I thought guns, knives, swords, and other forms of weapons are a cause of violence.

Interviewer: Yes, but it is your book that forces them to use those weapons.

Interviewee: But how would banning my book save the society? The society will always be at risk.

Interviewer: You see the gun is safer when your book isnt around.

Interviewee: You mean a gun is safer than my book?

Interviewer: Yes. It protects people. Your book is dangerous to lives of many innocent people.

Interviewee: Sure, then let’s do an experiment. I will throw my book at you and then take this gun *removes gun mysteriously* and shoot a bullet out. Tell me which hurts the most.

Interviewer: Hey! You’re not supposed to do that! Put that gun away. I could get seriously hurt and injured.

Interviewee: Don’t worry. I am not an idiot. I’ll never throw a book at someone.

My random fictional conversation over banning of books in India.


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