Art world and pretention

I never really got abstract art.

I know my understanding of art is quite minimal as compared to a connoisseur or an actual artist.

But abstract art really feels like a slap on a face. Here’s an artist who goes takes the pain of making actual painting by including faces, trees and wooden furniture (I love when a paint has wooden material in it. So much character and homeliness is added by it.)

This artist also paints sceneries and takes deep concern as to how the sky should look and gets his/her leaves perfect.

Before you know an art is sold. No not of the artist above. But of an artist who used thinnest paint brush and drew two triangles*.

I wonder between the detailing and creativity how did so much pretentiousness make space for itself? And why!

*None of the stuff above happened. It is a fictional story to explain the pretence that I genuinely detest in the art world.


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