Caged soul

The soul wonders like a caged bird, ‘when will I ever be free from this world of absolute illusions.’

Illusions that make everyone go furious,

Illusions about love and happiness.

When will I leave the planet?

A planet full of humans with remorse and anger.

Some laugh out loud in joy, but, oh I don’t like the look of those who shun their laughter.

A world where one is always jealous of the other, while ignoring the peacefulness that is beside.

Where one is always screaming in delusion and wonderment.

Wondering why the people around them don’t validate?

What is this world, the bird asks from the cage, where a human does not respect the emotions of other?

It maybe wrong to even have emotions as we need to be indifferent. But is it too much to ask to be considerate? To be human?

The cage tries to answer, but the bird keeps singing.

The bird has finally been hurt enough to even feel a sense of attachment to the universe around it.

‘Why won’t you let me go?’, asks the bird.

What have I left so unfulfilled in this universe which never seems to get full. A black-hole that sucks in everything you put.

Why am I a victim to such sadness and remorse? I’ve never been jealous of anyone, I’ve not even wanted too much. All I desire is to be set free. Free from the bondage that has entailed me to sing such sad songs.

I must have had a beautiful voice. But I no longer remember. I don’t even yearn for it.

‘Why?’, asked the cage. ‘Won’t you want to sing those beautiful notes again?’

‘No’, said the bird. ‘I’d rather not waste another happy note in this forsaken world. It makes me unhappy even before I entirely enjoy my happiness.’

World of illusions. The delusional god has perhaps kept me for his own amusement. But I no longer desire to live, sing another note and shed another feather. Free me from this misery!

The cage could no longer hold itself.

‘I promise to let you go. I wish the same for me. Because once you leave I no longer have to bear the burden of holding an innocent being like you. Unfortunately we are both in a bigger cage than we can see.

Endure this life in patience. Keep your actions good, we are not in control of our exit, we are only in control of our reactions.’

The soul simply stayed as it was. Consistently working hard to rid itself of all the bad karma. As it could see the bigger picture ahead was freedom. The kind of freedom which can only be experienced and never written about.


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