Academy awards and climate

This year Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar (finally!). I have a theory as to why he didn’t win for so many years.

He must have prepared his ‘be ready for climate change’ speech many years ago, and the Academy must be like, “No no Leo, there is no climate change. Come on! Talk about your parents and the director like others.”

Leo must have said, “No you guys! Climate change is real! It is time to own up to it.”

The Academy just decided to not give him the award till he budges. Now they realised in 2016 that climate change is super real and they will all be affected soon!

They give Leo the award and allowed him to make his speech.

Future scenario:

Few years down the line, Leo keeps winning the Oscars.

Leo: Guys, you have got to be kidding me. Why are we still having this award ceremony?! Cant you all see how real climate change is? We are knee deep in water and having the Oscars in our swimsuits! This freaking trophy is now water-proof. We really ought to stop having these guys. Just by hearing me talk about it here wouldn’t stop anything!

Audience (applauds): What a great man, he dedicates his award acceptance speeches to the well-being of the planet. Wonderful!







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